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ReddyPort Education

You're invited to a Fireside Chat with Barbara Quinn and Marcia Cornell 

Learn how an Evidence Based Oral Care Program can impact patient care outcomes and reduce the cost of care in acute care settings through a mouth care strategy.

Barbara Quinn DNP, MSN, RN is well known for her clinical research on the epidemiology of healthcare-acquired pneumonia and the preventive effect of oral care, authoring several resources including the AACN Procedural Manual Procedure on oral care practices.

Marcia Cornell DNP, APRN-CNS, RN is the Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist for a large 14-hospital network that has implemented a successful system-wide Oral Care Initiative that includes ReddyPort® (BiPAP® oral care without mask removal). Marcia is a passionate supporter of mouth care and has conducted research on oral care impact on pneumonia prevention and thereby readmissions related to pneumonia or sepsis caused by pneumonia.

Presentation and discussion will include:

  • What does an evidence-based Oral Care Program look like?

  • What resources are available to help manage your Program?

  • What are the clinical risks and costs of unmanaged mouth colonization?

  • How does a hospital assess the clinical impact of NV-HAP re-admission, HAI, and Sepsis rates? How does a hospital estimate the costs of an oral health program on staffing and materials?

  • What current trends can we expect to impact future NV-HAP and prevention?

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