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ReddyPort® NIV Microphone


Patient using microphone to communicate


ReddyPort® NIV Microphone and Controller

According to the Joint Commission, communication impairment can be a significant obstacle to quality of care delivery. ReddyPort®’s advanced microphone technology is an effective tool towards re-establishing patient to caregiver and family communication.

  • ReddyPort® Microphone with integrated speaker seals to ReddyPort®’s elbow preventing a loss of therapeutic pressures.

  • Our system utilizes (DSP) digital signal processing to remove breathing and background noises and naturalize the patient’s voice.

  • Controller offers volume controls to modulate the patient’s voice or to turn the system “on” or “off”.

  • ReddyPort® Microphone allows the patient to re-establish verbal communication at critical moments when directing care delivery or final wishes.

  • Helps improve clinician and patient satisfaction

Microphone with integrated speaker and Controller

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