ReddyPort Microphone

Patient using microphone to communicate

ReddyPort™ Microphone

ReddyPort Microphone empowers patients to speak up and share their needs. For clinicians and family members, it eliminates the frustration and fear that comes from not being able to hear the patient behind the mask, especially during a life-threatening illness.

  • Speaker and microphone seal with ReddyPort Elbow

  • Allows patient to communicate with clinicians and family
    without mask removal

  • Plug-in speaker uses digital processing to remove breathing
    noises and naturalize the patient’s voice

  • Improves patient satisfaction and compliance

  • Improves clinician satisfaction to enhance care coordination

Microphone with plug-in speaker and Controller

ReddyPort™ Elbow

replaces the standard elbow on an NIV  mask. Featuring a patented self-sealing valve, the ReddyPort elbow fits onto compatible masks, providing easy access to the oral cavity while maintaining therapeutic pressures.

ReddyPort™ NIV Maintenance

includes everything needed for oral hygiene and keeping the patient’s mouth clean and moisturized, without the risk and time required to remove the patient’s mask.

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