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918 S 500 W STE A Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Tel: 801.899.3036

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About us

Company Mission

To provide innovative solutions for all NIV patients, help improve patient satisfaction, reduce cost and risk, enable better workflows and enhance the quality of care.

Management Team and Industry Experts

Scott Bostick
President, CEO

Chak Reddy 


Harry Bontrager
VP Sales

Rian Wendling
VP of Product Realization


Stephanie Hess 

VP of Operations & SCM

Jared Spendlove
VP Engineering

Joseph Orr, PhD
Advisor, Inventor, Entrepreneur

Rick Kreifeldt

Product Development, EE

Former VP Innovation


Andrew Hansen, Director
Co-Founder and Board Member

IP Attorney and PenBlade Founder

Shawn Fojtik, Director
CEO of Control Medical

40+ Med Tech Patents

Branden D. Rosenhan, MD, Director

Co-Founder and Board Member

HCA Regional Medical Director

Board Certified Critical Care and PenBlade Founder

Samuel Brown, MD
Director, Center for Humanizing Critical Care (Intermountain)

NIH-funded Researcher; BC Pulmonary and Critical Care Leader