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Company Mission

To provide innovative solutions for all NIV patients, help improve patient satisfaction, reduce cost and risk, enable better workflows and enhance the quality of care.

Management Team

Chak Reddy-2020.jpg

Chak Reddy

Chief Medical Officer

Jared Spendlove-2020.jpg

Jared Spendlove
VP of Engineering

Rian Wendling-2020.jpg

Rian Wendling
VP of Product Realization, MS, MBA


Stephanie Hess
VP of Operations & SCM

Chip Creviston.jpg

Chip Creviston

VP of Sales

Harry Bontrager.jpg

Harry Bontrager

VP, Health Systems

Liz Olson.jpg

Liz Olson

Director of Marketing

Board of Directors

Chak Reddy-2020.jpg

Chak Reddy

Chief Medical Officer

Shawn Fojtik <2mb.jpg

Shawn Fojtik

Board Member

Tony Lair.jpg

Tony Lair

Board Member


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