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ReddyPort NIV Maintenance


ReddyPort products being used to provide oral hygiene.


 Integrated protective guard appliances: applicator swab, suction swab, silicone toothbrush, yankauer with silicone tip and yankauer handle

ReddyPort NIV Maintenance

ReddyPort NIV Maintenance includes everything needed for oral hygiene to keep the patient’s mouth clean and moisturized, without the risk and time required to remove the patient’s mask.

  • Single-Use (24hr)

  • Integrated protective guard provides a seal with ReddyPort Elbow attachment to grant oral cavity access

    • Allows cleaning and moisturizing of the oral cavity.

    • When an appliance enters and exits the patients’ oral cavity, a protective guard prevents leakage and fluids from squeegeeing off the sponge when pulling appliances out of the mask.

  •  Maintains therapeutic pressure while cleaning and moisturizing, reducing mask removals

  •  Follows Q4 protocols for standard oral care procedures.

    • Addresses pneumonia risk factors by helping drive compliance to oral care protocols.



  • Silicone toothbrush and oral rinse

  • Suction swab

  • Applicator swab and mouth moisturizer

  • Yankauer with silicone tip

See for yourself and Learn More about ReddyPort NIV Maintenance Today

ReddyPort Elbow

replaces the standard elbow on an NIV  mask. Featuring a patented self-sealing valve, the ReddyPort elbow fits onto compatible masks, providing easy access to the oral cavity while maintaining therapeutic pressures.

ReddyPort Microphone

empowers patients to speak up and share their needs. It eliminates the frustration and fear that comes from not being able to hear the patient behind the mask.

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