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ReddyPort is an innovation that enables oral access for better non-invasive ventilation care without interrupting patient therapy.

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Being able to clean the mouth is such a blessing. She cannot be removed from the mask because of shortness of breath. We are very happy with the new mask and will take it home with us.”

– Patient’s family

Adult Female with Respiratory Failure fromPneumonia/Pulmonary Edema, DNI status

For the last few days, my father has been very uncomfortable and distressed from a dry mouth and thirst. ReddyPort™ was placed on him today and I can already see that he is much happier. I have been providing him with a wet sponge through the adapter and he is very comfortable. I don't have to call the nurse or respiratory therapist frequently. I feel like I can participate in the care of my father." 

– Karen, daughter of the patient

Adult male with end stage COPD on NPPV for 5 days, on 80% oxygen, using it for 20-22 hrs/day.

I have been on BiPAP for 10 days and can only come off for few minutes at a time. My mouth is crusty all the time and nurses take a while to come to my bedside to remove mask and give me a sip of water. I had ReddyPort™ fixed on my mask yesterday and this made a tremendous difference to me. My wife can give me a sponge with soda and I get an immense relief from thirst, without having to remove the mask. This is great.”

– Richard, patient

Adult male with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis on NPPV.



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NIV failure study